I specialize in critical thinking (reasoning), essay design, rhetorical eloquence (writing style), plus English grammar and pronunciation. Working with me, self-motivated and disciplined students can expect their minds to become clearer as their language becomes sharper.

I believe that a tutor serves his students best when he helps them understand what they are doing — rather than just slapping a quick and temporary bandage over their English problems.   That means that tutor and student must develop a level of trust, so that the emotional barriers to learning don’t get in the way of the student’s progress.

I have helped hundreds of students improve their skills in English writing, grammar and conversation, as well as helping them compose and edit application essays, job-related documents, college papers, and thesis proposals.  I do not of course write your papers for you, but I am eager to assist at every step of the way, so that eventually you’ll no longer need me to do for you what you aspire to do for yourself.  That should be the aim of every dedicated teacher.


cell: 646-705-1657