Over the years I have gained familiarity with the concerns of non-native speakers.  And, as a Columbia graduate, I am well acquainted with strategies for designing academic papers, both logically and rhetorically (stylistically) – including papers for Columbia College core curriculum (CC and Lit Hum).

I can help with nearly every aspect of the paper design — including proposal, outline, and rhetoric as well as grammar.  This can be a mere “editing” arrangement (rates negotiable). Or it can be a series of face-to-face meetings (including video chat) for developing the logical strategies and advanced rhetoric of the paper.

(1)   REMOTE EDITING:  NEGOTIABLE RATES: You set how much you can spend.  Generally, I don’t provide a fixed rate for editing because there are too many unknowns.  Normally I suggest that students give me a top price they think is reasonable for the job and I would do what I can to finish at or under that amount. I figure this on a basis of roughly $80 an hour, but we can negotiate this. (And I will let you know in advance exactly what I think I can do for that amount.)  But I always want to do a good job, and if I have to slow down to do that, I don’t want to be watching the clock – which is why I suggest we negotiate an initial agreement on costs.  And at the end of the job, I revise the final total cost downward, wherever feasible.

(2)    FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS (SEE BELOW): On the other hand, for face-to-face meetings that involve advanced consultation (jointly rewriting sections of the paper), my rates are listed below.  This is often the best way to go when the writing is still at the early stages.  What’s needed is careful planning before diving into the final wording.  That kind of care can save hours of complicated editing because you won’t have gotten emotionally attached to what you need to change.  I generally meet with students at a mutually agreeable time, on the Upper West Side (NYC) in the Columbia University area.

If you wish we can plan a first “get acquainted” meeting, where you can get a sense of who I am and how comfortable you feel working with me, and we can do a little sample work so you can see how I can accommodate your needs.  That first session is only $25.

Rates for face-to-face time (including video sessions)

$130 / single hour
$120 / hr for package of 5 hours    (= $600 total)
$110 / hr for package of 10 hours   (=$1100)
$95 / hr for package of 20 hours   (=$1900)

Also there is normally a $25 / one-time “get acquainted” meeting: and if you buy a package on the spot, that $25 is waived.  

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