Intellectual History
as an Alternative to Philosophical Scepticism


David I. Seiple
not yet D. Seiple



Senior Independent Study
The College of Wooster
March 12, 1971

An Ancient work,
now outdated but having perhaps some historical interest :>)


This work was dedicated to "cheerful friend Peggy Stewart [now Peggy Stewart Ray], trustworthy typist Robin Stevens [Robin, we hardly knew ye], and faithful scribe Bob Ingram [too long a story] -- without whom this project would long ago have annihilated its author. " 

The original is housed somewhere in the bowels of Andrews Library, College of Wooster, Wooster Ohio 44691



  1. La Crise Pyrrhonienne in the Reformation
  2. Montaigne: Fideism and Pyrrhonism
  3. Scepticism in Science: Pyrrhonism Triumphant
  4. Conclusion